Finding Emily’s illustrations was like find a diamond in the rough. Emily Hercock has a very unique talent. Her characters not only have a childlike innocence about them, but they also have a range of expressions that we thought impossible to find. How does one make penguins who show surprise and frustration and wonder? How to you make those soulful, vibrant eyes show feeling? All we know is that Emily can do it.
Having Emily’s drawings, combined with a talented author, is such a winning combination. Oprelle Publications is so happy to have found Emily, and we will go back to her again and again. Home Run.
Dr. Karen Croftcheck
President, Oprelle Publications LLC".

"Emily Jade Hercock has done a wonderful job illustrating five of my children's books. Her work is perfect for my books about the Chesapeake Bay and special places in Maryland. Her rates are reasonable and she is pleasant to work with. I recommend her for your books.

Author Cindy Capella''.

“I was in a challenging position to meet deadlines on two books. Michael has gone above and beyond to help me meet my demands for formatting. Speedy responses, helpful tips, professional and friendly customer service!!!

-Joshua R. Heigle”

"In this day and age, it is not often that you discover a true professional. Yet we did in Michael Hercock. Michael formatted our book flawlessly from the first draft. He placed every small wording nuance perfectly for our children’s picture book. Then, on top of that, Michael knew exactly how to work with top distributor templates such as Ingram Spark and Amazon KDP.
Michael’s 100% commitment to excellence is evident, and we are so happy to find him. Our team at Oprelle will use his advice and talent again and again.
So nice to have a person to count on to do a job right!
Dr. Karen Croftcheck
President, Oprelle Publications LLC."

"Emily Hercock illustrated my book "Little Finn Learns to Swim" and she was absolutely amazing from beginning to end!

Not only is she a wonderfully talented illustrator, but she was very professional and accommodating. During the illustrating process she was in constant communication with me and answered all my questions promptly. I love the way my book turned out, thanks to her!

Her husband, Michael provided me with his editing and formatting services. His knowledge was invaluable and since this was my first book, he handled everything for me. I highly recommend their services. You will not be disappointed.
Sherri Adamowicz, Author."

5 Star testimonial for our formatting services.

“If you are looking for a professional book formatter, you need to check out Michael Hercock.

As a first-time author of a children’s book, I had no clue what’s involved in formatting my wonderful book “Billow The Pillow And His Adventures." I emailed Michael and he was so quick in replying, and very detailed in what I had to provide to him to get started. I was very impressed with his professionalism and the quick turnaround to get my book formatted. What a great job he did on the text placement. He helped prepare files for both Amazon KDP and IngramSpark, so I highly recommend Michael Hercock for his book formatting services. 5 stars all the way!

Susan May Taylor
Billow The Billow And His Adventures."


​Our latest reviews:

I was lucky enough to find Emily and Michael of Hercock Self-Publishing Services during the early stages of my self-publishing journey. “Koa’s Adventures: Winter Wonderland” is my very FIRST book in an interactive kids yoga and mindfulness series, so in the beginning I found myself feeling overwhelmed with figuring out how to turn my manuscript into a published book. The Hercock’s quickly eased my fears and anxiety. I am so grateful that I found Emily to bring my simple sketches to life on gorgeous two-page spreads, and for Michael’s help in editing, formatting, and ensuring I had all the boxes checked to publish and print without any issues through Amazon KDP!! The communication was open and ongoing, and Emily and Michael’s responses were always timely, despite them being located in a different country than myself. I HIGHLY recommend Hercock Self-Publishing Services, especially for those who are new to the self-publishing realm. Thanks to them, I can now call my self a published children’s book author!! I hope to work with them again in the near future! 😊
"Author Gabrielle Lemon"

''I cannot say enough good things about Hercock Self-Publishing Services. They truly are the full-service package! I am a first-time author, and they truly made this whole process seamless and fool proof! They are super responsive and professional and are both so talented. Thanks to them, my first book “I See a Smile” will be available on Amazon in the coming weeks. It was a true pleasure working with them and I hope to do it again soon!

Emily is the most talented artist I have ever had the privilege to work with. She took my dreams and ideas and truly made them come to life. I am blown away by how well she illustrated my son's cleft lip and captured all of his beautiful qualities! 10/10 I would recommend working with her, as I hope to again in the future.

Michael was so helpful and insightful throughout the whole editing process. As a new author, I was completely in the dark about so many things. He was quick to respond and was super detailed in his answers to my questions, providing examples and sources every time.

Michael blew me away with his formatting of my book. The style, the font, the whole feel of the book was truly captured by his formatting! As a new author, I had no idea where to even begin when it came to formatting. With Michael, I didn't even have to give it a second thought, he just did it. I couldn't have done this without his help!

Author LaTasha Reinhardt''.


"I got my cherished Children's book edited by Michael I loved his prompt return of work and having someone constantly there to answer my concerns.
This has helped to speed up my published date.
Thank you for your support I will definitely use the editing service with my new book shortly and can firmly recommend their services,

Author Geraldine Granleese.''