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Here at Hercock Self-Publishing Services we guide you through the process of Self-Publishing from children's books to YA books and novels.

Emily Hercock is our expert illustrator who can bring your words to life. With characters to capture your heart and a vast portfolio of many styles! She also does cartoon style portraits.

Michael Hercock is our very knowledgeable editor and formatter who can bring your words from First draft to final, polished manuscript. He has a great flare for formatting books in a unique and professional style.

For all your Self-Publishing needs the Hercock Duo are here to help!  


Self-Publishing Services

Single page detailed colour illustration


Double page spread detailed colour illustration


Single page greyscale image detailed


Double page greyscale page detailed


Single page greyscale low detail


Double page greyscale low detail


Line art single page


Line art double page spread


Editing of a manuscript 2000 words and under


2000-4000 words


(we can edit longer manuscripts please ask via messenger for more details)

Per format  $130


Editor and formatter       

Emily Hercock

Michael Hercock